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Sailing trips to the world's most off-the-map places

There are the hidden gems on Earth. To reach them, we’ve chosen a special yacht that can sail at any latitude, no matter the weather. [And changed everything on her.]

The Yacht: Perola do Mar [Dudley Dix Hout Bay 50]


Length 50+10 ft, steel hull, 2 masts, 5 sails, 5 cabins (10 berths per boat), equipped for the Arctic

Core principles

Exploring the world and yourself Real adventure is our top value because you get to know yourself better through it
The team is crucial In our experience, the sea adds spice to any challenge. That’s why we interview every member before welcoming her/him on board.
Safety culture All our goals (say, hiking, science, sports, creativity) are important. But safety is first.
Tech Advanced data analysis from yacht instruments, energy efficiency and best remote work practices - it's all about us.

Xploration White paper is here

Route summer/autumn 2022

In 2022 it’s planned to sail on our steel schooner Perola do Mar from Greece through Mediterranean sea to Azores islands in the middle of Atlantic — and then to Canary islands. In winter 2022/2023 we will go to tropical latitudes. 2023 northern ice expeditions and 2024 Antarctic expeditions are coming our way.

Each stage is graded on a buff scale (🌊). The buff indicates the level of difficulty on the way, scaling from 1 buff – 'very easy' to 5 buffs – 'very hard'.

EU Route 2022

What’s included in the price of the stage?

Accommodation, clean linens, fuel costs, marina anchorages. [And, above all, great people to travel with.]

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The Crew

Xploration Team


Dmitry Ryzhov RYA YM Offshore СЕО, route planning, coordination of technical and safety issues


Max Voloshin ex-RedMadRobot, Codewards, IYT Skipper partner, marketing and business processes


Markus Schüler IYT Skipper visual communications, branding


Kate Fomicheva IYT Competent crew marketing & social media



Dudley Dix 1979 Cruising World Design Competition winner, Hout Bay 50 designer design loads and capacities


Fedor Druzhinin Club 60N, racer, instructor, participant of Mini Transat 2019 rigging and electronics

Xploration Roadmap


Refit in Turkey 🇹🇷🛠️

⛵️⬆️ Trip: Greece 🇬🇷 → Azores 🇵🇹 → Canary 🇪🇸


⛵️🌴 Traveling in equatorial latitudes

⛵️🧊 Expedition. Ice regions: Svalbard 🇳🇴 → Greenland 🇬🇱


⛵️🇦🇶 Expedition. Southern Hemisphere: Patagonia 🇨🇱 → Antarctica 🇦🇶

⛵️🧑🏼‍🔬 Science Collaborations

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Whatsapp: +37259428707

Email: xploration.sailing@gmail.com

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