17.10 — 26.10
Ponta Delgada →
We will find the best way to make an ocean crossing from Azores to Madeira
We gather the crew of this stage together with the skipper Dmitry Ryabchikov and his Russian-speaking Sailing Academy. We plan to visit all islands of the Central group, and then make an 100 nm offshore passage to Ponta Delgada, the main city
on the Azores on the biggest island of São Miguel. Starting
on famous transatlantic stopover, Horta on Faial island, we follow the route to Pico, possibly with climbing the volcano
and tasting local wineries, and then one of our favourites,
São Jorge. The last one before reaching Ponta Delgada would probably be beautiful Terceira with its capital
Angra do Heroísmo.
1350 €
Start/Finish Cities and Airports:
🇵🇹 Ponta Delgada [PDL]
🇵🇹 Funchal [FNC]
Travel Style:
This stage contains a 4-days offshore ocean passage, framed with smaller passages, hiking and sightseeing.
step by step route:
  • Ponta Delgada → Vila Franco do Campa, 20nm
  • Vila Franco do Campa → Vila do Porto, 60 nm
  • Vila do Porto → Calheta, 500 nm
  • Calheta → Funchal, 20 nm
of this stage
is 4 out of 5
That means you should be prepared for the challenging conditions. It comes with the possibilities of a strong wind,
big waves, low temperature, and offshore passages for a couple of days.

Talking about this exact stage: the main part will consist
of the 4-days offshore. It might be wavy, hard, and needs you
to be active part of the crew on watches. Though, nothing really extreme, ‘cause weather in these waters is very well predicted.
São Miguel:
Starting with its capital, Ponta Delgada, we will be able to sail along the southern coast of the island to the famous Isla Franco do Campo and the old town nearby.
Santa Maria:
Southernmost and easternmost of the Azores islands, it was first among the Azores discovered by Europeans, and was visited by Columbus on his way back from America. The nature there seems to be similar to one of São Miguel, but with a tiny flavour of Canaries and Madeira. You will definitely feel the difference.
Madeira and nearby islands:
Depending on the start date of the crossing, we’ll have more (or less) time to see the shores of the new archipelago: two marinas, one big and famous island, and two smaller ones.
Offshore passage to Madeira:
500 nm of the open ocean might be as stormy as mild and chilly. And anyway, it means watches schedule say and night. As always, we’ll choose the best weather window to pass it gracefully by sails.

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