the season
In this season, we explore volcanic islands of the Atlantic: magnificent, green Azores with their unique biome,
Madeira group with the main island and rocky islets around,
and a bit of much more dry Canaries. All this intermingled
with offshore ocean passages up to four days long.
autumn / 24
Oceanic sailing adventure on the Portuguese
and Spanish islands of the Atlantic Ocean.
Season 6 (Autumn/ 24) consists
of 7 stages
We’re mixing true sailing experience
with exploring the nature, hiking, and diving into rich local cultures and cuisines.
🇵🇹 Angra do Heroismo →

🇵🇹 Horta
€ 1350
22.09 - 29.09
🇵🇹 Horta →

🇵🇹 Angra do Heroismo
€ 1150
29.09 - 06.10
🇵🇹 Angra do Heroismo →

🇵🇹 Horta
€ 1150
06.10 - 16.10
🇵🇹 Horta →

🇵🇹 Ponta delgada
€ 1500
17.10 - 26.10
🇵🇹 Ponta delgada →
🇵🇹 Funchal
€ 1350
26.10 - 04.11
🇵🇹 Funchal →

🇪🇸 Las Palmas
€ 1350
04.11 - 14.11
🇪🇸 Las Palmas →

🇪🇸 Tenerife
€ 1450
8 days
7 days
7 days
10 days
9 days
9 days
10 days
sailing boat
Totally refitted and equipped for autonomous expeditions, she is ready to take her crew to the world’s most remote waters in safety and style.
Steel schooner, 2 masts, 5 sails. The yacht equipped by radar, watermaker, AIS, heating system, Starlink, washing machine, and many more. She has 5 cabins for 2 persons each, 2 WC with shower, saloon with a 360° view, fully equipped kitchen, and can be autonomous for more than
a month while accomodating a crew of 10.
how to join
First, you apply for a journey and write us
 your questions if you have any.
Then we arrange a short friendly interview
with one of our team members,
to align expectations.
And the last part: you make a 50% prepayment
and officially join the crew.

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they sailed
with us
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It was my lucky chance to take part in the yacht’s first journey after
the refit — you could say, its maiden voyage! Apart from the unforgettable impressions of the beauty of the sea, the views around, the wind, sails,
and the boat itself, a separate delight was crossing borders on the yacht: changing flags, entering another country with a different culture,
and having stamps with a little ship in your passport. It was that very time, loved by everyone: with super-creative, simply "our" people, in love with travel, the yacht, and each other. I believe
the Xploration team is holding onto
this spirit!
and video blogger
Season 1
Sailing with Xploration was
a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I hope I get to repeat many times over. The freedom of the sea, the beauty of the night sky, the spirit of adventure: this is what’s worth living for. If you have the spirit of adventure within you, stop looking for the next thing in your life because you’ve already found it.
Season 4
I have sailed over 2000 miles with Xploration, and I’m sure this is just
the beginning. It’s true exploration —
the routes are planned in a way that allows you to reach the most unusual places. For example, an uninhabited island or a hidden bay that is not accessible by any roads. And you fall in love with Perola at first sight.
This boat completely changes the idea of sea travel even for experienced sailors: beautiful thought out to the smallest detail, and completely restored with an understanding of what a person needs on a sea voyage.
Interior designer and restaurateur
Season 3
Sailing with Xploration was the main adventure of the year for me. I felt a lot of freedom and tranquility to be out at sea, to look at the boundless horizon, to steer a yacht.
I realized that water is also a big part of nature on the planet, I fell in love with cats, I enjoyed warm, soup, porridge or tea after a watch on deck in the rain.
Overall, this experience felt like my internal system restart. Upon returning to land, the colours looked brighter, the tastes and smells felt more intense, and the desire to explore the world became more powerful.
Thank you!
tennis players psychology coach
Season 1