Xploration Whitepaper

About Exploring the World

We, the Xploration team, have come together to sail the world's most interesting and out-of-reach waters. For us, sailing adventure is both a direct interaction with the element of water and the only way to see the world as it cannot be seen anywhere else.

About Self-Discovery

Marcel Proust once said: ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes’. By exploring the world, you get to know yourself better. You may be further from the shore, but closer to your inner self. The main goal is that travel contributes to this. You will never be the same again.

About Teamwork

You can get to know a person better in a week at sea than you can in years on land. This is known and highly appreciated by Xploration team. For the same reason, we carefully form the crew and interview everyone who wants to come aboard. People should be united by a common aim and everyone should be willing to actively help achieve that aim - to the best of their desires, abilities and skills.

About Safety Culture

It’s essential for us to keep the crew safe from undue danger. This is the basis and absolute priority of our trips. Any of the activities - scientific, sports, creative, tourist - will be reconsidered if they involve high risk.

About Experience and its Evolution

Fast is slow, but continuously, without interruptions. Everyone on board and ashore is given the opportunity to expand their experience in ways they have never done before. Remember: steps may be small, but they should definitely be regular.

About Technology

With a Dudley Dix Hout Bay 50 steel yacht as our launch base, we refit and prepare it for high-latitude expeditions. Modern energy-efficient solutions are used, advanced data from the yacht's instruments is analyzed, and best practices for remote operation and task management are applied.

And may the great sense of humor never leave us. Amen!