[3.6] Angra do Heroísmo 🇵🇹 → Horta 🇵🇹

03.09 → 10.09 (7 days, 140 miles)
buff: 🌊🌊

This stage is planned to be one of easiest in our Azores journey, mostly focusing on land. But still it’s the ocean

We plan to visit all islands of the Central group. Namely, starting on a beautiful Terceira, follow the route to Graciosa, then one of our favourites, São Jorge, and though Pico, possibly with climbing the volcano and tasting local wineries, end up on famous transatlantic stopover, Horta on Faial.

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Approximate route:

  • Angra do Heroismo → Graciosa, 50 nm
  • Graciosa → Velas, 40 nm
  • Velas → Lajes do Pico, 30 nm
  • Lajes do Pico → Horta, 20 nm

🛬  Terceira [TER]

🛫  Horta [HOR]

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