[3.4] Ponta Delgada 🇵🇹 → Flores 🇵🇹

[3.4] Ponta Delgada 🇵🇹 → Flores 🇵🇹

15.08 → 25.08 (10 days, 360 miles)
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This is a big journey through most of the Azorean islands

Including all three groups of islands and all biodiversity of the archipelago. And of course focusing on reaching the most rarely visited and stunning Western group: Flores and Corvo.


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São Miguel

We start on the biggest and the most populated island of Azores, São Miguel. We might wait a couple of days for a good weather to go West, sailing along its coasts, but anyway it is worth xploring much more.

Central group

Jumping from one group to another could be a tricky task, and anyway we’ll need to pass 100+ nautical miles to Terceira or, maybe, Pico. And then we can xplore any island we want (especially, rarely visited Graciosa), while waiting for the next jump.

Western group

The next jump can be even longer, about 150nm, but the reward would be really precious. We hope to visit both islands of the group: Flores and Corvo. 50 shades of green, calderas, waterfalls — here they are.

Approximate route:

  • Ponta Delgada → Angra do Heroismo, 100 nm
  • Angra do Heroismo → Graciosa, 50 nm
  • Graciosa → Velas, 40 nm
  • Velas → Corvo, 150 nm
  • Corvo → Lajes do Flores, 20 nm

🛬  Ponta Delgada [PDL]

🛫  Flores [FLW]

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