Cabo Verde [VXE] and [RAI]: flights

Cabo Verde [VXE] and [RAI]: flights

We compiled the most convenient and popular arrival/departure routes to/from Cabo Verde with the prices. We described flights to Cabo Verde only: the ones from Cabo Verdel are analogous. Fasten your seatbelts, here they are.

NOTE: We recommend you to book your flights on airlines’ websites

There are two main airports in Cabo Verde - Sao Vicente [VXE] and Praia [RAI]. Both are the main hubs for flights, and it is important to remember that Bestfly Cabo Verde planes fly from one to the other every day, such a flight will cost only €60 (Flights may not be published on the website after September, but they are available and fly daily.). And one more important notice - at some dates, it might be cheaper to fly to Praia and then take a local plane to Sao Vicente

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If you are near Sao Vicente [VXE], the most convenient directions for you will be flight to Lisbon [LIS], or take a local plane and and fly to the neighbour airport Praia [RAI]

Hub: Casablanca

Casablanca [CMN] might be your layover choice. Royal Air Maroc have fights almost every day from Casablanca to Praia and back. One-way cost is around €215-450. But it’s usually much cheaper to buy 2 flights in 1 booking: Your City → Casablanca → Praia.

For example, for Mar 06, 2024:

  • Casablanca → Praia, €446
  • Amsterdam → Casablanca → Praia, €288
  • London → Casablanca → Praia, €423
  • Moscow → Casablanca → Praia, €598
  • New York → Casablanca → Praia, €691
  • Istanbul → Casablanca → Praia, €440

Europe: Lisbon

There are daily direct flights from Lisbon [LIS], operated by TAP Portugal.

  • Lisbon → Sao Vicente, €300-€650
  • Lisbon → Praia, €250-€420
  • Amsterdam → Lisbon → Praia, €350-€400
  • New York → Lisbon → Praia, €815

Azores: Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada [PDL] can also be a good hub for a flight to America. The planes operated by Azores Airlines and fly every Friday, Sunday and Monday.

  • Ponta Delgada → Praia, €175-€325
  • New York → Ponta Delgada → Praia, €300 [Here you need to fly out 2 days earlier, since there are no flights on the 20th Jan]

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Fair Wind!