Malaga 🇪🇸 → Lisbon 🇵🇹

03.05 → 13.05 • 10 days, 450 miles
buff: 🌊🌊🌊

On this stage, we change the sea with the ocean, and Spain with Portugal. All the journey is magnificently varicoloured. This is where currents and tides come on our way.

Let us highlight some of the episodes that are about to happen.

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We don’t tell a lot about Gibraltar. You know it: narrows, traffic, beautiful rocks, strong currents. Quite a happening for our project overall.

Anyway, we hope to be in time to exit the Mediterranean until the African tectonic plate (that moves NNE at 2cm/year) runs into Eurasian one and closes the strait.

Before Cape Sagres

In the ocean, our journey naturally divides into two parts. These are not “Spain” and “Portugal”, but “the way West” and “the way North”.

Cadiz, Faro, Portimão and other cities and towns are in the warmer waters of South Iberian coast.

We suppose to go both through the rivers and sands, and along the big rocks. Africa is still around: all the towns still have a distinct flavour of Mauritanian and Arab cultures.

After Cape Sarges

The situation changes again on the last part of the journey, when we pass Cape Sagres. Here we enter really oceanic waters of Portugal current, and there are changes everywhere: the water becomes colder and less salty, and the Sun shines mostly from the stern, and we also may start going against the wind.

These are the last 120 miles of this stage, with just a couple of stops in some small fishing towns.

And that’s it for now. Hi, the big capital city of Lisbon!


Approximate route:

  • Malaga → Gibraltar, 65nm
  • Gibraltar → Cadiz, 75nm
  • Cadiz → Faro, 90nm
  • Faro → Albufeira, 25nm
  • Albufeira → Lagos, 25nm
  • Lagos → Sines, 90nm
  • Sines → Lisbon, 60nm

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