Barcelona 🇪🇸 → Palma de Mallorca 🇪🇸

Barcelona 🇪🇸 → Palma de Mallorca 🇪🇸

15.04 → 22.04 • 7 days, 270 miles
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From Barcelona to the Balearic islands: Menorca, Mallorca, and even probably some others, very small ones

The design of the journey is simple as a penny. First, we exit the mainland in Barcelona, and then head to the Balearic. This is a big leg of 100-something miles, that could last up to 20-24 hours.

What’s next? Oh, it’s so diverse and beautiful! There are two main islands to visit. Let us say a couple of words about them.

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Menorca is an appealing little island. It has neither the dramatic visual appeal of Mallorca’s vertiginous coastline nor the brashness of Ibiza’s nightlife, but it offers considerable diversity in a very small area – from the rugged, wind-swept stretches of the undeveloped north coast, to the stunningly beautiful bays in the south; plus the pleasures of two handsome, historic cities: Ciutadella and Mahón.

The island, proclaimed a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, is also a favourite for nature lovers. It has dosens of beaches – the south has stretches of white sand, while the north has several inlets. One of them is very close to a famous birdwatching site, Parque natural de la Albufera del Grau. Late April is the top season for those birds that are migrating North.

Even more. Menorca is by far the richest place in Europe for sites of prehistoric settlements, mostly dating from the Talaiotic Period, which was the period of civilisation between 2000 and 1000 BC.

And, the last, it’s a home of Mayonnaise and local gin based on a spirit distilled from the grape and sold in canecas – ceramic bottles reminiscent of the clay jugs that were once used by British sailors.


Mallorca is a popular haunt of the rich, famous, and tacky tourism built on sun, sex, booze and high-rise hotels. But.

The truth is that the ugly development of the 1960s, which submerged tracts of coastline beneath hotels, villas and apartment blocks, is essentially constrained to the Bay of Palma and a handful of mega-resorts notching the east coast. For the most part Mallorca remains handsome and frequently fascinating. We mostly aim to craggy mountainous northern coast with medeival monasteries, near the high peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana.

Bronze Age megaliths, inspiring Roman ruins, charming medieval hill towns, magnificent churches, stately palaces, grand patios and antique trains bring the island’s eventful history vividly and colourfully to life.

More islands

There are also two other small islands. We don’t aim to visit them both, but chances are to visit at least one of them, depending on the side that we circumvent Mallorca. Cabrera near the Southern cape of Mallorca, and Dragonera next to Western one. Both are natural resorts, and both can offer us some views that nobody other looks at.

Approximate route:

  • Barcelona → Es Grau, 130nm
  • Es Grau → Mahon, 15nm
  • Mahon → Ciutadella de Menorca, 40nm
  • Ciutadella de Menorca → Alcudia, 35nm
  • Alcudia → Port de Soller, 35nm
  • Port de Soller → Dragonera → Palma de Mallorca, 45nm

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