Rhodes 🇬🇷 → Kythira 🇬🇷

Rhodes 🇬🇷 → Kythira 🇬🇷

21.12 → 30.12 • 9 days, 320 miles
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In the first stage we cross the Aegean Sea through the most beautiful Greek islands and enter the Ionian Sea.

Upon leaving the island of the sun, Rhodes, we’ll stop at Astypalaia with it's famous windmills. We'll pass by the Kythira Strait to Pilos and by the end of the stage reach the blue waters and achingly smooth sands of magnificent Zakynthos.

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Starting point: Rhodes

We begin our leg on the sunny island of Rhodes. The medieval city of Rhodes with it’s beautiful narrow and cosy streets offers an abundance of beaches, bars and ancient sites. This Mediterranean island is famous because it was once home to the Colossus of Rhodes, a 108-foot bronze statue that towered over the city like a god on earth, an eternal reminder of Rhodes' victory over its enemies. We will enter this very harbor where the statue was standing.

Rhodes → Astypalaia, 95nm

The next stop is Astypalaia, the westernmost one of the Dodecanese islands of Greece, famous for it’s beaches and hiking trails. We'll go to Chora of Astypalaia with it's iconic windmills and breathtaking views. And the Castle of Querini, a fine example of the Venetian architecture, is a must-see place.

Astypalaia → Ios, 65nm

From Astypalaia we'll go to the island of Ios. Chora, the capital of Ios island, is a picturesque town that clings tightly to the rocky hill and has the prettiest beaches. It is one of the most authentic Greek towns and has a very cozy pier. And did you know that Homer was buried on Ios?

Ios → Monemvasia, 120nm

The next stop will probably be Monemvasia. It’s a stunning rock, connected to the mainland with a brigde. There locates a medeival city, really beautiful one.

Monemvasia → Kythira, 40nm

From Monemvasia we go to Kythira, a small island with an airport, where we celebrate the New 2023 Year and wait for the next journey to come

🛬  Rhodes (RHO)

🛫  Kythira (KIT)

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