Kythira 🇬🇷 → Zakynthos 🇬🇷

Kythira 🇬🇷 → Zakynthos 🇬🇷

04.01 → 12.01 • 8 days, 200 miles
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Beauty of Peloponnisos, Ionian sea and many more

Two countries, and a great sail over the Ionian sea. The crossing requires coordinated teamwork, night and day shifts along the way, but that’s what we love in sailing.

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We go along Peloponnisos, where will probably have a hike in the beautiful mountains of Taygetos if waiting for the crossing the sea.

And the last stop is continental Greece would probably be Pylos, one of the biggest and most significant centers of the Mycenaean Greece. This is a place where Telemachus from the Odyssey meets Nestor. The Museum of Pylos’s collections include archaeological artefacts which were excavated in the area of Pylia and dated back from the Neolithic Era to the Roman period.

We can also have a stopover on Strofades, that is just a couple of tiny islands in the middle of the Ionian sea, bare and flat. But… With an enormous wall of an old monastery.

Then we cross the sea and go to Syracuse, Sicily, the Italian city that was founded by Greeks around 734 B.C. and that Cicero called “the greatest and most beautiful of all Grecian cities”.

The endpoint will be Catania, a big city near Etna volcano and national park.

Approximate route:

  • Kythira → Methoni, 80nm
  • Methoni → Ionian sea → Zakynthos, 120nm

🛬  Kythira [KIT]

🛫  Zakynthos [ZTH]

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