DRAFT Amsterdam 🇳🇱 → Stavanger 🇳🇴

DRAFT Amsterdam 🇳🇱 → Stavanger 🇳🇴

17.06 → 24.06 • 7 days, 500 miles
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This is a varied stage for people who are not afraid of the harsh conditions on the North Sea. Crossing from Amsterdam to Stavanger, 500 miles, 8 days.

To warm up, we'll go through the Dutch locks, canals, and inland seas and see the Wadden Sea. Then we cross the North Sea - and from flat Holland we enter a completely different world of rocks, islands and fjords of southwestern Norway. One thing remains the same: the locals love everything that can move under sail.

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Amsterdam → Medemblik, 40nm

Departure from Amsterdam through Markermeer and IJsselmeer, artificial freshwater lakes in the central Netherlands. Medemblick has a large marina, that’s why it is the busiest yachting location of the Dutch inland seas.

Medemblik → Texel, 25nm

The 32 km long and 60 m thick Afsluitdijk, a major dam and causeway in the Netherlands, separates the IJsselmeer from the North Sea. To reach the island of Texel in the North Sea, we need to pass two locks.

Arrival in the town of Audesild on Texel.

This is a great stopover before the big boat ride.

Texel → Kirkehamn, 350nm

From Teхel the main and most difficult passage of this stage begins: the crossing of the North Sea. For this we must cross the Wadden Sea first.

The Wadden Sea is an intertidal zone, it extends along the coasts of the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. It is kilometers-long and has a unique biome, especially rich in seabirds. Therefore, almost the entire Wadden Sea is one big nature reserve.

As we leave the Wadden Sea, the course will be set for Kirkehamn, Norway. It's over 300 miles straight ahead, should take us about 3 days to get there. And if the weather permits - or forces us - to make a stop along the way in Esbjerg, Denmark. This means a new country, a hook of 70 miles and splitting a long crossing into two parts.

Most likely our first destination in Norway would be Hidra Island. It is the largest island in Agder County, separated from the mainland coast by the 350-meter wide Hidrasund Strait. Kirkehamn is its most beautiful village and the closest one to the ocean.

Right next to Hidra is the first fjord on our way, Flekkefjord, with the town named after it close by.

Kirkehamn → Egersund, 25nm

From here our trip along the Norwegian coast begins, through its islands and fjords. The town of Egersund is the destination point.

Egersund is located along the strait that separates the mainland from the island of Eigerøya. Almost all of the surrounding commune is home to Magma Geopark, and it’s all about great hiking!

Egersund → Rott, 40nm

If we move fast enough and the weather is good by then, we can drop anchor on Rott Island. It is one of those small Norwegian island communes. The citizens there live their own separate life from the mainland, like the characters in Maria Parr's novels. The island is very scenic, there is a lighthouse, it’s full of unusual animals and birds.

Rott → Stavanger, 20nm

From Rott it's a short walk to our finish line, Stavanger. But there are more islands on the way! Hostein, for example, has a great anchorage with a sandy bottom.

Past the islands, we turn back into the fjords, to Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway. Here this challenging stage comes to an end, but the great Norwegian adventure has just begun.

All brave souls hungry for more are welcome to join us on our way through the fjords on the following stages.

🛬  Amsterdam [AMS]

🛫  Stavanger [SVG]

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