ARCHIVE Zakynthos 🇬🇷 → Palermo 🇮🇹

ARCHIVE Zakynthos 🇬🇷 → Palermo 🇮🇹

27.08 → 04.09 • 8 days, 450 miles
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Big jump across the sea, and numerous volcanic islands of Italy as a dessert

Two countries, and a great sail over the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. The first crossing requires coordinated teamwork, night and day shifts along the way, but it's definitely worth it.

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The opposite of Ulysses’ dream: we go from Zakynthos (next to Ithaca) towards Scylla and Charybdis of the Strait of Messina. To the city of Messina.

What’s next? We still head West, towards Palermo, and nothing but severe storms (that we don’t expect though) can stop us towards a remote archipelago of Aeolian volcanic islands, with steep and rocky shores. And then return to Sicily, directly to its capital: Palermo.

Approximate route:

  • Zakynthos → Messina, 300nm
  • Messina → Vulcano, 45nm
  • Vulcano → Lipari, 10nm
  • Lipari → Alicudi, 35nm
  • Alicudi → Palermo, 60nm

🛬  Zakynthos [ZTH]

🛫  Palermo [PMO]

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