ARCHIVE Stavanger 🇳🇴 → Bergen 🇳🇴

ARCHIVE Stavanger 🇳🇴 → Bergen 🇳🇴

14.08 → 21.08 • 7 days, 180 miles
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Norway's fjords. 180 miles, 7 days.

Many islands and beautiful scenery, the Folgefonna National Park and, if you wish, a walk to a glacier. A good follow-up to the trip for those who crossed the North Sea on the previous stage - fuel up your empty tank.

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Stavanger → Haugesund, 35nm

From Stavanger, past many scenic islands, we head for the town of Haugesund.

This city is one of the cradle for Viking heritage in Norway, so there are many Viking-related attractions.

Here you can also visit Langfoss Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, according to CNN.

It's also home to Erik Anderaa, a very interesting YouTube blogger, a man who likes to walk in the harsh North Sea regardless of the weather in a little boat.

Haugesund → Orradalen, 45nm

From Haugesund we will go up north and sail into Hardanger Fjord, Norway's second longest fjord and third in the world. And we follow it inland to Folgefonna National Park.

The national park was created to protect the glacier and adjacent areas. It is rugged by ancient tracks and paths used for centuries, a perfect hiking zone by the way. The Folgefonna peninsula with its fjords, mountains, rivers, lakes and icefalls is one of the greatest tourist magnets in Norway. Its diversity is immense,offering a vast choice of scenery to enjoy.

Folgefonna [Orradalen → Austrepollen, 40nm]

Folgefonna is especially well known for great variety of vegetation and wildlife, including the red deer. There is also a great system of hiking trails. One of the options for the day is to split up: group A hikes into the mountains, and group B goes through the fjords to meet A's at the end point.

Austrepollen → Bjørnafjorden, 30nm

Let's go back a bit to Hardanger Fjord and enter the neighboring Bjørnafjorden.

Here we can make a stop in Halheim, a small village with a ferry pier, a suburb of the municipal center of Osøyro. Or anchor on one of the many wooded islands.

Bjørnafjorden → Bergen, 30nm

Our trip ends in Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway.

The famous Bergen Embankment – Bryggen, also known as ‘Hanseatic embankment’, is the most famous landmark of the city and listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place was historically chosen by merchants to do business, which eventually became Norway's largest trading port.

Also 10% of the Bergen residents are students, so lots of concerts and other events take place in the little joints and bars all the time.

That's the end of our relaxing yachting vacation, and we invite you to move on to the Faroe Islands.

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