ARCHIVE Seyđisfjörđur 🇮🇸 → Akureyri 🇮🇸

ARCHIVE Seyđisfjörđur 🇮🇸 → Akureyri 🇮🇸

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The Arctic Circle: there and back again to the fjords of Iceland. 300 miles, 8 days.

We'll go around Iceland counterclockwise - first heading north, then west, and then slightly south. At the most northern point we’ll go beyond the Arctic Circle. Stunning views of Iceland's rocky shores and remote villages and farms that very, very few people get to await.

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Seyđisfjörđur → Vopnafjörður, 60nm

We head to the north of Iceland, where the places are more and more sheltered and the nature is absolutely untouched.

To the north of the bay is a stretch of coastline called Fuglabjarganes, where countless rock pillars rise from the sea.

On the opposite side of the bay is unbelievable black sand Skjólfjörur beach, which has a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is believed to be a great place to see whales in the wild, but we won’t make any promises just yet.

Vopnafjörður → Raufarhöfn, 75nm

During the 1940s and early 1950s the good herring seasons contributed to Iceland's rise in global economy and Raufarhöfn fishing village here was once the largest export harbors in the country.

Now there are only remains of the factories are left. Same is for a modern monument of Arctic Henge, inspired by the mythical world of the Eddic poem Völuspá,’The Prophecy of the Seeress’.

Raufarhöfn → Grímsey, 60nm

Grimsey island is a very special place. The ‘big’ Iceland itself falls just a little short of the Arctic Circle. But the Circle runs right along the northern tip of Grimsey and Orbis et Globus was placed here to mark the line drawn on the map that defines it. We’ll have the the Arctic Circle crossed by sea by this point, but that’s the place to go if you want to do it on foot on land.

Puffins nest on the island until August. They are the same, ridiculously cute ones as in the Faroes - only they are even bigger here!

Grímsey → Akureyri, 55nm

On the course to Akureyri, called ‘Iceland's Capital of the North’ by many, we will walk along the rocky, steep shores - a stunning route, to be honest.

Arriving at Eyjafjörður, we will find ourselves in the waters where people come for whale watching. Humpback whales, harbor porpoises, northern minke whales and dolphins are especially likely to be seen here.

Akureyri city has the largest airport in north Iceland. Here our purely Icelandic stage comes to an end, but you can join us the next one. Let’s round the northwest cape of Iceland and find ourselves in the realm of high mountains with glaciers.

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