ARCHIVE Porto 🇵🇹 → A Coruña 🇪🇸

ARCHIVE Porto 🇵🇹 → A Coruña 🇪🇸

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Stage 2 from Portugal to Galicia. 7 days, 250 miles.

We'll leave Porto and head to beautiful Galicia with its bays, beaches, islands and waterfalls. And by the end of the stage, we'll pass the Cape Finisterre and reach the edge of the Bay of Biscay, La Coruña.

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Porto → Viana do Castelo, 40nm

We leave Porto and head to the port city of Viana do Castelo. This is one of the most picturesque areas on the banks of the Lima River and our last stop in Portugal at this stage.

King Alfonso III of Portugal founded the city in 1253 and the most notable buildings in the city date back to this era. And the local folklore is also among the richest in the country.

Viana do Castelo → Vigo, 45nm

The next stop is port Vigo on the coast of a fascinating bay, the largest city of Galicia, and the sunniest part of it.

The Cíes Islands are at the entrance to the bay - opposite to the coast of Pontevedra and the mouth of the Vigo River. It is not only a fantastic place to rest, but also a nature conservation area where cormorants, gulls and gray herons nest.

Vigo → Combarro, 25nm

The next bay on our way is the Bay of Pontevedra, with many picturesque towns scattered along its shores.

One of them is Combarro, it has a well-equipped marina. Traditional architecture of fishermen's houses is stunning and one of a kind "orreos" - special coastal food storages. The food is delicious here as well!

Combarro → Pobra do Caramiñal, 30nm

Aruza is another bay in Galicia. After passing numerous coves and islands, we can stop by in the town of Ribeira, or in Pobra do Caramiñal.

There are waterfalls and natural pools worth seeing, just three kilometers from the shore. These are the most wonderful places of 'Green Spain’. At this point the relaxed part of the route is over and we make a mighty dash to La Coruña.

Pobra do Caramiñal → Cape Finisterre → Muxía, 60nm

Our next task is to circle Cape Finisterre, in Spanish it literally means: ‘The End of the Earth’. Due to its legendary reputation of harsh weather conditions, it’s very appealing area for sailors around the world. But there are many bays along the way where we can wait in case of bad weather.

After Finisterre, one possible stopping point is the town of Muxía. On the cape next to it are a big church, a sulpture, the lighthouse against a blue sky and the wild Atlantic coast made for dramatic scenery and a postcard-perfect view!

Muxía → A Coruña, 50nm

After Muxía, we head to the east, enter the Bay of Biscay and approach the final point of the stage, La Coruña.

La Coruña, or A Coruña, is one of Spain's most important port rich in Galician history and resort on the northwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The city center is on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. There is a port at the mouth of the A Coruña River followed by the city beaches of Riasor and Orsan.

And this is the final point of this stage. Those who are ready for a serious challenge are invited to the next one.

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