ARCHIVE Palermo 🇮🇹 → Palma de Mallorca 🇪🇸

ARCHIVE Palermo 🇮🇹 → Palma de Mallorca 🇪🇸

04.09 → 14.09 • 10 days, 600 miles
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Our path lies through the islands of Italy and Spain. Long jump, short jump.

And we always mix big cities with small islands, villages, and natural reserves.

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Generally, there are three places on our way: Sicily, Sardegna, and Mallorca, with their capitals: Palermo, Cagliari, and Palma. But we can’t miss to xplore more: some beautiful stopovers in the places almost nobody visits.

Small island of, say, Marettimo. Hilltop citadel Castello in a city of Cagliari after a long jump. Rocks on the southernmost tip of Sardegna, then a Spanish natural park after another big jump. And old Arab buildings in Palma de Mallorca to end the stage.

It’s all ours, as well as the sunsets in the open sea near the bow, and sunrises aft to the stern.

Approximate route:

  • Palermo → Marettimo, 80nm
  • Marettimo → Cagliari, 170nm
  • Cagliari → Teulada, 40nm
  • Teulada → Cabrera, 280nm
  • Cabrera → Palma de Mallorca, 30nm

🛬  Palermo [PMO]

🛫  Palma de Mallorca [PMI]

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