ARCHIVE Malaga 🇪🇸 → Funchal 🇵🇹

ARCHIVE Malaga 🇪🇸 → Funchal 🇵🇹

22.09 → 02.10 • 10 days, 800 miles
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That’s a big travel through several cultures and landscapes. And from the sea to the ocean.

We start at the hot Spanish mainland through the Gibraltar strait to the Madeira island. 10 days, 800 miles

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This part of the route includes long passages. But the beauty is that each stopover seems to be drastically different from others. It’s the strange feeling when it’s all new each time.

Mediterranean Spanish city of Malaga, then the exit from sea to the ocean through The Pillars of Hercules, Gibraltar, then 3000-years-old Cadiz, then a passage through the mouth of Formosa river to Faro on the mainland Portugal. And, finally, 4 days of ocean sailing to Madeira island.

Not only the shore landscape changes. The waters are changing, too. The sea and the ocean, warm bays and cold currents, different waves, different colours.

And different you: at the beginning of the journey, and 10 days later.

Approximate route:

  • Málaga → Gibraltar, 70nm
  • Gibraltar → Cadiz, 70nm
  • Cadiz → Faro, 100nm
  • Faro → Funchal (Madeira), 560nm

🛬  Malaga [AGP]

🛫  Funchal [FNC]

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