ARCHIVE Le Havre 🇫🇷 → Amsterdam 🇳🇱

ARCHIVE Le Havre 🇫🇷 → Amsterdam 🇳🇱

31.07 → 07.08 • 7 days, 350 miles
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This stage includes traveling through three countries: France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 350 miles to cover in 7 days.

Departing from Le Havre in France, we'll go through the bottleneck of the English Channel, Pas-de-Calais, stop by in Belgium, and then travel through the canals to the heart of Amsterdam. The route can be challenging, so be prepared.

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Le Havre → Dieppe, 60nm

Leaving Le Havre we head for Dieppe in France.

Nestled between the high chalk cliffs, this small town has been a popular seaside resort since the 19th century.

And in the heart of old town on La Place du Puits-Sale there’s an oldest and most popular cafe where Renoir, Monet, Whistler and Pissarro drank, and it is rumoured that Oscar Wilde wrote a few novels there.

Dieppe → Boulogne-sur-Mer, 55nm

The next stop after Dieppe is Boulogne-sur-Mer.

This city is one of the biggest fishing ports in the country.

The English often come here for a holiday to stroll through the medieval fortress, see the local Notre Dame and eat herring. It is fried on giant grates, it's recommended to pair the dish with a glass of good wine.

Boulogne-sur-Mer → Dunkirk, 45nm

From Boulogne we head for Dunkirk and sail through the Pas de Calais, the narrowest part of the English Channel.

Dunkirk in Flemish means 'church of the dunes’. The city and its surroundings are in the former county of Flanders, so a special dialect is spoken here, with many words borrowed from the West Flemish language.

In 1940, Dunkirk became world famous for the heroic evacuation of Allied troops. The city was destroyed by two-thirds, and many of the historic buildings have not survived.

Dunkirk → Nieuwpoort → Oostend, 30nm

Dunkirk is at a stone's throw from Belgium, and we can stop at Nieuwpoort. It’s a charming Belgian town, the Yser river flows into the North Sea here. As Belgium's largest marina, it is the home port for most Belgian-flagged yachts.

Another option is to anchor in Ostend: from here you can travel 20 kilometers to the famous and magnificent Bruges by any means of land transport.

Oostend → Scheveningen, 80nm

From Belgium our trip takes us to the Netherlands. The closest marina on the way after the fairway of Rotterdam port is Scheveningen, a seaside resort near the Hague.

The famous sandy beach of Scheveningen attracts people with its length and width. It is a popular place for wind and kitesurfing. It is also home to the legendary Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus, where Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands adored to celebrate her birthdays. And the center of The Hague can be reached on foot from the pier.

Scheveningen → Amsterdam, 40nm

20 miles past Scheveningen, we turn right out of the sea, and through the canals arrive at the final point of this stage: Amsterdam. Straight into the city center by boat. This is a fairytale, we’ll say no more.

Just one more thing to add: Holland is the country where a sailing yacht can come to the capital's bridge (three rows of heavy traffic in each direction) and ask to open it by radio. In 3 minutes the bridge is up and the boat is given the green light.

This is the happy ending of the stage 4, and those who are willing to, may go further north, to Norway.

🛬  Paris [CDG],[ORY]

🛫  Amsterdam [AMS]

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