ARCHIVE Horta 🇵🇹 → Los Gigantes 🇪🇸

ARCHIVE Horta 🇵🇹 → Los Gigantes 🇪🇸

30.10 → 13.11 • 14 days, 1000 miles
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Wooohoooo! 1000 miles in the Atlantic.

Two weeks, two archipelagos, six islands. And a long passage from one to another.

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We probably start our journey with a very short passage to Pico. Then a longer one to Santa Maria. And then the biggest one, about 5-6 days non-stop to a very different place, la Palma.

Approximate route:

  • Horta (Faial) → Lajes do Pico, 20nm
  • Lajes do Pico → Vila do Porto (Santa Maria), 200nm
  • Vila do Porto (Santa Maria) → Santa Cruz de la Palma, 680nm
  • Santa Cruz de la Palma → Valle Gran Rey (La Gomera), 50nm
  • Valle Gran Rey (La Gomera) → Los Gigantes (Tenerife), 50nm

🛬  Horta [HOR]

🛫  Tenerife Sur [TFS] / Tenerife Nord [TFN]

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