ARCHIVE Funchal 🇵🇹 → Angra do Heroismo 🇵🇹

ARCHIVE Funchal 🇵🇹 → Angra do Heroismo 🇵🇹

02.10 → 11.10 • 9 days, 650 miles
buff: 🌊🌊🌊🌊

Two archipelagos, four islands (or five, who counts?).

And very, very various ocean sailing experience.

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Rare find, guys! During this stage we’ll stay in only one country: Portugal.

But what about land? It’s all different, with endemic biomes. But all volcanic.

Ok, how about the passages? Well, they differ from very short to very long, up to 4 days non-stop.

Will it be hard? Can be, sometimes. But sometimes very chilly.

Contrasts like these form not only this exact stage, but our life as well. Just make it happen.

Approximate route

  • Funchal → Calheta, 15nm
  • Calheta → Vila do Porto, 470nm
  • Vila do Porto → Vila Franco do Campo, 50nm
  • Vila Franco do Campo → Ponta Delgada, 15nm
  • Ponta Delgada → Angra do Heroismo, 100nm

🛬  Funchal [FNC]

🛫  Lajes [TER]

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