ARCHIVE Angra do Heroismo 🇵🇹 → Horta 🇵🇹

ARCHIVE Angra do Heroismo 🇵🇹 → Horta 🇵🇹

13.10 → 22.10 • 9 days, 380 miles
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50 shades of green on most remote islands of Azores archipelago.

Big cities? Nope, we didn’t hear about them.

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Ok, we still start in the town. A beautiful one, UNESCO heritage one. Some people say that Terceira island is their most favourite place in the world.

But how about Graciosa? You can get just inside the caldera of the volcano through the tunnel, or via an old road.

Well, then you didn’t visit Flores island yet, right? Our team knows quite a lot about this place, that’s where we talk about these 50 green shades. And waterfalls. And fruits. And this end-of-the-world feeling on the tip of the island next to an old lighthouse.

(And you definitely didn’t visit Corvo, no tourists there.)

After all these remote places, we aim to return to the civilisation. To a place that used to be the main bulwark of civilisation between America and Europe: Horta. Until the airplanes that can cross the whole ocean in one jump came.

Approximate route:

  • Angra do Heroismo (Terceira) → Praia (Graciosa), 60nm
  • Praia (Graciosa) → Vila do Corvo, 170nm
  • Vila do Corvo → Lajes das Flores, 25nm
  • Lajes das Flores → Horta (Faial), 145nm

🛬  Lajes [TER]

🛫  Horta [HOR]

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