ARCHIVE Akureyri 🇮🇸 → Ísafjörđur 🇮🇸

ARCHIVE Akureyri 🇮🇸 → Ísafjörđur 🇮🇸

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Iceland in its true glory. Vast, desolate fields, sheer cliffs, glaciers, and hiking. 300 miles in 8 days.

8 days is a plenty of time to explore the nature reserve areas near the fjords of northwestern Iceland. Hornstrandir is a bit colder than the rest of the country because of the frequent icy winds blowing from Greenland.

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Akureyri → Siglufjörður, 45nm

Just like Raufarhöfn, Siglufjörður grew along with the fishing industry until the middle of the 20th century. The city depends on road infrastructure because of its difficult accessibility.

A tunnel connects the neighboring towns of Ólafsfjördur and Siglufjörður forming Fjallabyggd municipality in north Iceland.

Siglufjörður → Reykjafjörður, 85nm

The fjord is about two kilometers long and almost a kilometer wide. In the 17th century Basque, French and Dutch whalers set out from here to hunt.

Reykjarfjordur is a very isolated fjord, the inhabitants left it in 1959. Reykjafjordur can only be reached on foot or by boat, but in the fjord exists a beautiful natural thermal pool as a reward.

Reykjafjörður → Hesteyri, 55nm

We begin with circling the northwest corner of Iceland. This area covers 580 square kilometers of tundra, fjords, glaciers and alpine landscapes and since 1975 it has been protected as the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

The last residents left these places 70 years ago, including a small village of Hesteyri. In 1950s it was abandoned, when its 80 former inhabitants decided to move away. Remnants of the town include an old doctor's house, a church and a whaling station, later a herring processing center.

Hesteyri → Hrafnsfjörður, 15nm

The Jökulfirðir, which means ‘Glacier fjords’, is a formation of five fjords and bays, four of which consist the entire southern land and most twisted coastline of Hornstrandir.

Several anchorages can be arranged, including at Hrafnsfjörður, which forms the southwestern tip that separates Hornstrandir from the rest of the western fjords of Iceland. From here you can explore Hornstrandir on foot or hike up to the glacier tongue.

Hrafnsfjörður → Ísafjarðardjúp → Ísafjörður, 55nm

Ísafjörður is an idyllic town surrounded by majestic mountains that form a natural harbor. Despite the simple secluded atmosphere and old wooden houses, Ísafjörður has an airport. More importantly, it's the cradle of swamp soccer and the European Swamp Soccer Championships are held here!

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